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PDF Eraser is a Windows application that allows you to delete and erase text, images, logos and other unnecessary objects in PDF files. Users can use the program to remove even the original content from a PDF file, and then add their own text and pictures. In addition, PDF Eraser has a built-in function for trimming pages of PDF files, which allows you to delete extra pages in a PDF file. Given the many scanned PDF documents, PDF Eraser can also turn pages of a document into the correct position, in 2 clicks.

What Can PDF Eraser Do 
If you got a PDF document
contains unwanted text and images, you can use PDF Eraser to erase them and save to a new PDF file. 
Erasing is not the only thing PDF Eraser can do. You can use the program to add your own text and pictures into the PDF as well.
PDF Eraser can rotate the PDF pages also. It will help you to rotate the PDF pages to the correct orientation. 
You might find some PDF pages are unnecessary, so you can use the built-in PDF Page Cutter to delete unwanted pages. 

PDF Eraser Features
Delete PDF Text Easily 
Erase PDF Images 
Add Your Text to PDF 
Place Your Images to PDF 
Cut PDF Pages 
Customize Eraser Size 


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