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Picture To Painting Converter makes your photos look like real paintings! Imitate the famous artists’ works, no training required! Are you looking for a way to turn a photo into a painting, but obviously asking somebody to paint it for you seems a little too much trouble? There’s no need to look for an artist and order an expensive art piece. Luxurious oil paintings can be made with your own hands, without any help at all. You can make your photos look as close to real paintings as possible, all in a couple of clicks and a few slider tweaks using a picture to painting converter.

Several Types of Presets
The program imitates three types of painting styles: Oil, Watercolor and Impressionism. Each preset has automatic configurations but they can be tweaked on-the-go as well. The parameters can all be refined to produce the most impressive results.

Photo to Oil Painting Software
Using the program to make a photo look like a painting is very easy, intuitive and takes 10 seconds to learn. Just upload the picture, select the preset, and click Run. Look at the gorgeous transformation! If there’s something you need to change, you can always go back and try again with a different preset or different settings.
The painting effect on photo is reached with the help of accurate algorithms that imitate the strokes of a brush and transform the straight lines of a simple photograph into exquisite oil painting strokes.

Use Various Effects for Your Photos
It’s easy to create something magical out of a simple picture when you have several presets and endless opportunities of moving the sliders. The results will be different every time and you can invent your own ways of making the most mind-blowing picture to your taste.
Besides oil paintings, you can try watercolor effects which make even the dullest picture seem fun (especially the Abstraction preset).
Impressionism preset will make your pictures look painted by Monet or Renoir, with thin and light brush strokes, creating the delicate movement effect for your photograph.

Picture To Painting Conversion in Batch Mode
If you have several photos you want to convert, you can do that simultaneously. Just upload the photos using the Batch Mode and run the conversion. You’ll get your pictures with the applied effects and they will look immensely like those paintings you see in art galleries. Print and hang them on your walls and you’ll have your own little gallery as well!

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