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EssentialPIM Pro is a comprehensive personal information manager with a well-thought-out interface and an abundance of functions. Includes tools for working with a calendar, task list, notes, contacts and email. Among the features: ample opportunities for printing, importing and exporting information, the ability to run from portable USB drives (including the U3 version), synchronization with Outlook, Google Calendar, as well as handheld computers and smartphones running Windows Mobile, PalmOS.

EssentialPIM General Features:
• Convenience and ease of use. Advanced keyboard shortcuts will increase your speed and efficiency. 
• Security. All data can be encrypted with several encryption algorithms, such as advanced industry standard AES (Rijndael), 128-bit key or Blowfish 448 * - bit key
• Advanced export and import capabilities. You can import and export into the following HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT, and TreePad formats. You can fully synchronize * with Microsoft® Outlook, Google Calendar, Windows Mobile, Palm; and you can import Outlook Express data. 
• Ability to attach external files or links to EPIM data and store everything in one database. 
• Sticky notes - the ability to put any of your notes on your desktop *. 
• The ability to conveniently send data to any record using E-mail. 
• Convenient automatic backup.
• Uses an open source database- Firebird database. Experienced users and system administrators will appreciate the flexible configuration options and the availability of many database administration tools. 

• A colorful, easy to read list of meetings with multiple views: Month, Week, Day, Year, Table. 
• Start, end, reminders, priority, category (you can also create new categories) for each task. 
• Powerful search. 
• Integrated synchronization with Microsoft Outlook * and data import / export in Outlook Express. 
• Drag-and-drop support for easy scheduling. 
• Convenient printing or saving in HTML of various types: Day, Week, Month. 

• Tree-like, flexible case management structure. Each Case may contain, in addition to a description of the category, priority, end date and even reminders * 
• Powerful and quick search. 
• Sort and filter the display on the screen. 
• Custom printing. 
• Ability to appoint performers for each Case. 

• Extensive organization of any text and graphic information. Sheets *, bookmarks, hierarchical structure are powerful tools for structured storage of information. 
• Ability to store photographs, drawings, pictures, tables and formatted text in any combination. Full support for Russian and Ukrainian languages. 
• Quick search by any feature notes.
• Extensive printing capabilities. 
• Working links within documents. 

• Groups - a convenient tool for organizing contacts *. 
• Extensive sorting of contacts by multiple criteria. 
• Ability to add your fields to an existing wide range. 
• Full export / import between Windows Address Book and CSV format. 
• Powerful and fast search in any field. 

• Full support for POP3 and IMAP protocols. 
• Integration of Contacts and all other modules. 
• Mail rules, advanced mailbox settings - all that you need for successful and efficient work. 

EssentialPIM features:
- Excellent usability. Shortcuts that are fun to use and boost your productivity. Easy, intuitive tools arranged right where you need them. Link -any item to any other items. Email to Notes, Contacts to Tasks, etc. 
- Security. All data can be password-protected and the database file is encrypted with multiple encryption algorithms, with the advanced industry standard AES (Rijndael), 128-bit key, and Blowfish 448-bit * key. 
- Versatile import and export capabilities. You can import and export HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT and TreePad. You can perform complete synchronization with Microsoft® Outlook **; and you can import from Outlook Express.
- Available in many languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. 
- System tray icon with a hotkey for starting and configuring the software. 
- Sticky Notes- place any of your Notes onto Desktop and get rid of yellow paper on your desk! * 
- Open-source Firebird database. Advanced users and system administrators get great flexibility in managing databases. 

Scheduler (Tasks):
Color-coded, easy-to-read day, week, month, year schedules, with easy set up of recurring tasks or events.
Completion date, priority, and category properties for each task. 
Integrated synchronization with Microsoft Outlook ** and import and export with Outlook Express. 
Full drag-and-drop support for fast rescheduling. 
Easy printout by days, weeks or months, with saving to HTML. 

To Do List (To Do):
- Tree-like, flexible to do structure that holds category, priority, completion status, due date, and even reminders for you. * 
- Fast and powerful search to find your to do list quickly. 
- Easy sorting and categorizing tools. 
- Printing that gives you exactly what you see on your screen. Take your to do list with you as you run out the door. 

Outliner (Notes):
-Tools to organize your data the way you want! Flat, table, tree-like multilevel data structure or any combination you want. Multiple tree and --leafs * for each note allow a powerful hierarchical storage. 
- No limit on the number of folders and notes. Don't worry about running out of room. 
- Inserting photos, drawings, any kind of pictures, tables, any nicely formatted text: fonts, subscripts / superscripts, colored text background, multilevel bullets and numbering, Unicode, background images. 
- Quick searching for any note by its subject, date, word or phrase. 
- Powerful printout and save features. 
- Clickable (active) hyperlinks in any document. 

Contact Manager (Contacts):
- Number of records that outstrip the Outlook Address Book.
- Flexible set of fields, allowing you to easily add your own. 
- Complete import / export to and Windows Address Book and CSV format. 
- Powerful and fast search and sort features. 
- Adjustable views so you can see your information the way you want. 

- Full support for POP3 and IMAP accounts. 
- Integration with Conteacts and other modules. 
- Signatures, mail sorting rules, - everything you need to work efficiently. 


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