Boilsoft Screen Recorder 1.05.13 Giveaway

Boilsoft Screen Recorder lets you capture and record all screen activity into AVI and WMV files.

With Boilsoft Screen Recorder, not only will your viewers see everything that happens on your screen, on demand, they will also hear whatever audio you elect to record with your screen using a microphone, line-in, or speaker output.  Imagine never having to give the same boring presentation ever again!  Just use Boilsoft Screen Recorder to record yourself doing it once, put the file where people can get to it, and let them teach themselves whenever they want. 
You have a number of options when you use Boilsoft Screen Recorder.  You can capture and record video from the full screen, a specific application window, or a region of your desktop.  Turn on and turn off recording using hotkeys, and choose from a variety of audio and video settings for both output formats.  Want to show the mouse cursor?  You can do that.  Want to hide it in your recording?  You can do that, too. 
In addition to training purposes, you can also use Boilsoft Screen Recorder to record gameplay, capture streaming videos, and more.  Any screen activity that you would want to replay for other people, you can capture using Boilsoft Screen Recorder!

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